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- Dr. Dingwei Yu

"We serve our partners with high standards, flexibility
and responsiveness to reach patients quickly."

Dingwei Yu, Ph.D

Executive Director of Chemistry (IDSU)

Dr. Dingwei Yu has more than 25 years of drug R&D experience, with focus in the areas of oncology, anti-infectious, and cardiovascular diseases. Prior to joining WuXi, Dr. Yu was an Associate Director of Oncology iMed at AstraZeneca R&D Boston; he was responsible for leading a multidisciplinary research team to engage cancer drug discovery and development.

As part of chemistry leadership team, Dr. Yu was responsible for medicinal chemistry technology platforms as well as management of overall strategic chemistry outsourcing. Dr. Yu has broad therapeutic area knowledge, especially in oncology area, with a strong track record of innovation and advancing programs in R&D. He is a leading author or co-author for more than 50 patents and publications. Dr. Yu joined WuXi 2014 as an Executive Director of International Discovery Service Unit in Shanghai and responsible for international client service and collaborations.

Dr. Dingwei Yu graduated from Princeton University with a Ph.D. in Organic chemistry. He did his Post-Doc training at Brookhaven National Lab in New York. He received his Bachelor of Science from Fudan University.