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- Dr. Jane Wang

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Jane Wang, Ph.D

Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry (IDSU)

Dr. Jane Wang obtained her undergraduate degree in applied chemistry from the Fudan University and her doctoral degree in organic chemistry from the University of Maryland, followed by post-doctoral training with Dr. Kenner Rice, the chief of NIDDK, NIH and Schering-Plough Research Institutes.Jane worked at Pfizer Inc., Department of Medicinal Chemistry as a Senior Principal Scientist for over 12 years, Jane has accumulated broad experience in drug discovery for the therapeutic areas in inflammation & immunology, pain, CNS, and oncology. Utilization of structure-based design, Jane contributed to numerous discovery programs, from HTS to lead identification to lead optimization and early development.

Jane significantly contributed to several successful drug R&D programs reaching various development stages including 7 drug candidates to clinical trials, she is inventors of 60 patents and author of 27 peer reviewed papers.

These include inventor of FAAH Ph II clinical agent (PF-04457845) for pain, COX-2 Ph II clinical agent (SC-75416) for inflammation, iNOS inhibitor SD-6010 (Ph II/III) for Osteoarthritis, SC-79591 (CP-800569) (Ph I) for atherosclerosis/dyslipidemia, three microdose clinical candidates for COX-2 (Phase 0);Co-development of COX-2(Celebrex)/LTB4 antagonist comb clinical agent and reached Ph II for RA indication.

In 2010, Jane joined WuXi AppTec and she currently serves as the Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry, International Discovery Service Unit.