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Global Leadership. Local Connectivity.

Small-molecule drug discovery requires a deep understanding of biological context, coupled to knowledge and experience of medicinal chemistry, to make the right molecules to answer the right questions. WuXi has a powerful core of experienced, industry-seasoned drug hunters who are peer recognized, including induction to the American Chemical Society “Hall of Fame” and recognition as “Heroes of Chemistry” by The American Chemical Society. Collectively, IDSU members have been named as inventors and authors on more than 750 patents and publications, and have made significant contributions to discovery projects throughout their careers, including blockbuster drugs that are profoundly improving patients lives.

Expert-Led Execution.

IDSU’s highly experienced chemists and program managers are located in three strategic locations in China. These locations enable WuXi to access diverse talent pools to offer the greatest flexibility to our customers. WuXi’s site leaders offer a range of advantages in program management, strategic planning in collaboration projects, and streamlining of communications with WuXi’s China-based operations and execution teams.