Early-Stage Safety Assessment 中文 (CN version)

Our Safety Pharmacology group profiles compounds for potential adverse drug reactions at various R&D stages, thereby helping to deliver high-quality drug candidates faster and at lower cost.

In Vitro Electrophysiology

  • Provides integrated risk assessment on cardiosafety for compounds at various discovery and development stages on hERG and other cardiac ion channels. Non-GLP and GLP services are both available.
  • The state-of-the-art automated QPatch- HT system (48 channels) enables higher throughput, lower cost and better consistency for hERG channel recordings.
  • Conventional patch clamp assays and tissue level recording (e.g. on Purkinje fiber or isolated heart) provides detailed mechanistic information for compounds identified with QPatch.

State-of-the art electrophysiology platform 

bio-essa 2


Integrated Cardiovascular Safety Assessment

  • Whole cell patch clamp recording of Kcurrent from hERG-expressing cell lines
  • Action potential recordings in heart muscle and/or Purkinje fibers
  • Telemetry ECG, blood pressure and core body temperature recordings in freely moving animals

Telemetry EEG and EMG in freely moving animals
Using the DSI ( St. Paul, MN ) Telemetry System




In Vivo CNS Safety Assessments

  • Irwin or FOB test
  • Rotarod test
  • Locomotors activity
  • Grip strength


Off-Target Panel Screening


In Vitro Safety and Selectivity Profiling (WuXi early safety profiling panel)

  • Identify off-target based adverse drug reactions (ADR) at early stage of drug discovery. Such information may help guide compounds of interest through downstream in vivo tests for potential liabilities, and reduce attrition of drug candidates and even withdrawal of approved drugs.


Early Toxicology

  • Provides an early warning on potential genotoxicity for compounds during lead optimization. These assays are predictive of the GLP development full-panel Ames test as well as in vivo micronucleus test but with lower compound consumption and faster turnaround.
  • Cell cytotoxicity assay
  • Apoptosis assay
  • Click-iT EdU assay
  • Genotoxicity assay
    • Mini-Ames
    • High-content micronucleus

Representative data for Click-iT Edu assay: