In Vitro Screening Platform 中文 (CN version)

Plate-based screening platform is mainly focused on SAR support & compound profiling; has demonstrated capability in running HTS and HCS.

Assay Development and Transfer

  • Enzyme assays: kinase, polymerase, dehydrogenase, protease, methyltransferase, demethylase, bromodomain and others
  • Receptor profiling
  • Mechanism-based and phenotypic cellular assays
  • Assay formats & detection: diverse

Kinase Panel (For detailed kinase panel list, please click here)

Cell Line Panel

GPCRs  (For detailed GPCR assay list, please click here)

Radioactive Assays

Key equipment & software supporting in vitro screening


Enzyme assays

  • End-point assay & continuous assays
    • Fluorescence & luminescence-based assays
      • HTRF, LANCE, FP, ADP-Glo, Z-lyte , ELISA, absorbance & others
    • Radiometric assays
      • FB, SPA, Flashplate
  • Compound profiling
    • Assay transfer/development/validation
    • Kinase selectivity panel established (>90 kinase assays) and expanding
    • Enzyme MOA studies
    • Throughput
      • Up to 10000 compounds/day

Cellular assays

  • Target-based mechanistic assays
  • Phenotypic assays
    • Viability/ Proliferation Assays
      • MTS, CellTiter-Glo, Alamar Blue and BrdU ELISA assays
      • Cell panel
    • Apoptosis Assays
      • Apo-one (caspase 3/7)
      • Cell death detection ELISA (mono and oligonucleosomes)
  • Other assays
    • Transformation/soft agar assays
    • Cell motility assay
    • Angiogenesis assay
    • Cell cycle

GPCR assays (please click here)

  • Assay formats
    • Filtration binding: H-3, I-125, S-35, GTPrS
    • cAMP detection: TR-FRET, ELISA, RIA
    • Calcium detection: FLIPR
  • GPCR safety panel (please click here)
    • A mini-panel of >24 GPCRs
    • Functional assay or radioligand binding assays
  • Compound profiling
    • Assay transfer/development/validation
    • Agonist and antiagnonist (IC50, EC50, Ki, Kd)
  • Reagent generation
    • Stable and transient cell line expressing GPCR
    • 42 families of GPCR

Ion channel assays 

  • Ion channel electrophysiological assay
    • Instruments: Automated (QPatch, IonWorks) and manual patch-clamp
    • Ion channel drug discovery services
      • Assay transfer/development/validation
      • Compound screening
      • Ion channel MOA study
  • Ion channel FLIPR assay
    • Ion channel MTS or HTS
  • Reagent generation
    • Ion channel stable cell line generation
    • Ion channel BacMam expression system construction

Radioactive assays

  • Target class
    • GPCR targets
    • Enzymatic assays
    • Cell-based assay
    • Epigenetic targets
    • Ion channels
    • High throughput screening
  • Assay format
    • Filter binding
    • Flash plate & SPA
    • Cellular uptake assay
    • Charcoal purification & Organic solvent extraction
  • Type of isotopes
    • P-32, P-33, S-35, C-14, H-3, I-125