Immunology Center中文 (CN version)


Efficacy and MoA study to facilitate immunotherapy drug discovery


The Immunology Center at WuXi is built to provide a comprehensive open platform for immunological service of preclinical and clinical studies, and to facilitate immunotherapy drug discovery in cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Led by a group of US and European trained immunologists, the team primarily serves clients’ needs for efficacy and in depth Mechanism of Action (MoA) studies by utilizing our cancer immunology platform, autoimmune & inflammatory animal models, and biomarker detection services. Our Pathology lab and Flow Cytometry lab are equipped with best-in-class automated instruments and set up to follow GCP compliance and CAP regulation.


Clinical biomarker service (Learn more)


➣ Laboratories with GCP compliance and CAP accreditation

    • Flow Cytometry Lab
    • Pathology Lab

➣ Biomarker service list
➣ Lab Management
➣ Quality Assurance




Pharmacological service for pre-clinical research


➣  Autoimmune diseases and inflammatory animal models(Learn more)

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) etc.
  • AAALAC accredited SPF animal facility


➣  Cancer immunology platform(Learn more)

  • Decipher tumor microenvironment and immune contexture
  • Deep immune profiling of cell lineages and subpopulations in lymphoid tissues and peripheral blood
  • Immune cell function study
  • Adoptive T cell therapy


➣  Biomarker service

  • Tissue-based biomarker – Pathology Lab (Learn more)
  • Cell-based biomarker – Flow Cytometry Lab (Learn more)