Cancer immunology platform
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TM (Tumor Microenvironment) Analysis for Immunoscore by FACS, IHC and IF

  • CTLs, NK, Tregs, MDSC, TAM, etc.

FACS analysis of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) in tumor tissues


Lymphoid Tissue and Peripheral Blood Analysis

  • Immune cell populations and subsets – frequency, activation, and differentiation
  • Cytokine and chemokine analysis
  • Anatomical localization of in vivo anti-tumor immune responses

Lymphocyte Activation / Functions

  • B/T cell proliferation/activation
  • Th1/ Th2/ Th17/ Treg differentiation, CTL assays, Treg suppressive assays
  • Antibody production / isotype analysis

Cytokine and Chemokine Analysis

Adoptive T cell Therapy