Translational Oncology 中文 (CN version)

Translational Oncology

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Human tumor bank
  • Mouse clinical trial
  • 67 PDX-derived primary cancer cell lines
  • Drug-resistant PDX models
  • Combination therapy platform including radiation
  • World leading genome sequencing and bioinformatics capability


Tissue based biomarker capability



Human Tissue Bank at WuXi



Combination therapy platform including radiation

  • Breast cancer model: BR-05-0028
  • MLN4924, a NAE inhibitor, showed synergetic effect with focal radiation



PDX derived human cancer cell lines (PCC)

  • 67 human cancer cell lines generated from PDX models
    • With matched PDX models
    • Cancer stem cell (CSC) features
    • 64/67 form xenografts in mice which recapitulate pathology of the original patient tumor
    • Genomic profiling data available
  • List of human cancer lines from PDX



Drug-resistant PDX

  • Resistance was induced by repeated treatment
  • Genomic profiling data available for erlotinib and crizotinib resistant NSCLC models



Erlotinib resistant Lung cancer PDX harboring EGFRL858R

  • LU-01-0055 PDX harboring EGFRL858R
  • Sensitive to erlotinib
  • Erlotinib resistant LU- 01-0055R
  • Afatinib overcame the erlotinib resistance



Mouse trial in PDX models:
WuXi Oncology has conducted multiple mouse trials in two following categories, which will serve as proof-of-concept evidence for preclinical pharmacology study.